#CECIforGenderEquality - Global movement for gender equality


Gender equality, the empowerment of women and a commitment to fighting all forms of gender-based discrimination are the cornerstones of our approach to fair and sustainable development, and to an efficient fight against poverty and exclusion.


Testimony of Anne-Marie Cadieux

In Guatemala, CECI is focusing on women’s leadership, especially indigenous women’s, in green economic development projects. Including women in decision-making bodies and supporting the creation of jobs for over 100,000 women living in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán region: a great step forward with #CECIforGenderEquality.



Testimony of Kim Nguyen

In Rwanda, in Burundi and in the DRC, three countries scarred by years of armed conflicts, CECI is working with the communities, the civil society and the authorities to put an end to sexual violence against women and girls. Protecting the physical and moral integrity of over 10,000 women victims of violence in Africa: a great step forward with #CECIforGenderEquality.



Testimony of Chantal Lamarre

In Mali, CECI considers women as key actors to achieve food security, supporting the reactivation of agricultural production by giving them access to seeds, tools and community gardens. Combatting malnutrition and improving food security while helping 10,000 women in the countryside feed their family adequately: a great step forward with #CECIforGenderEquality.



Testimony of Stanley Péan

In Nepal, CECI is ensuring women from all marginalized ethnic backgrounds and casts can participate in decision-making processes, focusing on the use of integrated technologies available for all. Supporting the inclusion of 30,000 women in the local democratic decision-making processes and allowing them to participate: a great step forward with #CECIforGenderEquality.



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