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The Volunteer Cooperation
Program (VCP)

In partnership with the Government of Canada

The program’s approach rests on the realization that women must be considered as the main agents for sustainable change. The program focuses on four areas of expertise: strengthening women’s economic power, intersectionality, women’s rights and empowerment, and environmental and climate resilience.

VCP volunteers share their skills and their expertise, working in close cooperation with local partners in Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Rwanda, Bolivia, Haiti, Guatemala, and Nepal. They strive to strengthen the economic power of women and young women, as well as their communities’ resiliency to the impacts of climate change.

Photo credit: Frédéric Séguin


Gender equality, the empowerment of women, and a commitment to fight all forms of gender-based discrimination are the cornerstones of our approach to fair and sustainable development, and efficiently fighting against poverty and exclusion.


Anne-Marie Cadieux's Testimony

In Guatemala, (CECI) volunteers focus on women’s leadership—particularly that of Indigenous women—in projects to develop a green economy. Including women in all decision-making processes and supporting the creation of jobs for over 100,000 women living in the Lake Atitlán basin in Guatemala: CECI for gender equality.



Kim Nguyen's Testimony

In Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC—countries that have been profoundly affected by years of armed conflict—, (CECI) volunteers are mobilizing communities, civil societies, and the authorities to bring an end to sexual violence against women and girls. Protecting the physical and moral integrity of over 10,000 female victims of violence in Africa: CECI for gender equality.



Stanley Péan's Testimony

In Nepal, (CECI) volunteers encourage ethnic women and women from marginalized castes to take part in the democratic process by focusing on the use of integrated technology accessible to everyone. Fostering the inclusion and participation of 30,000 women in local democratic decision-making processes: CECI for gender equality.



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